Improving healthcare practices with trusted data technology

Credentialing technology: portable, interoperable, and trusted data

We connect healthcare systems to achieve seamless and secure information flows. This is done through Affinidi’s verifiable credentials technology which solves interoperability issues. With seamless flow of information, operational efficiency increases and patients have a better care experience.

Reduce processing time and operation costs by 50% and improve patient experience with our healthcare technology solutions.

HealthPocket provides patients with a portable data storage to access tamper-evident medical data. With HealthPocket, patients can easily share their personal and medical information with different business units in the hospital along their patient journey. This creates a seamless experience and decreases waiting time.

Digitalizing hospital admission process with verifiable and portable data


Veriform, is a form automation engine. VeriForm utilizes cases, configurable groups of forms meant for a specific use - such as admission into hospitals.


Hospitals can choose from a range of editable templates to create cases easily, and even add new forms on the go.


Forms are securely issued to the intended patient’s wallet via HealthPocket; becoming a tamper-evident credential that can be shared securely with hospital verifiers during patient admission processes.

VeriForm and HealthPocket helps complex industries like healthcare adopt a more seamless and secure patient data experience without disrupting legacy Web 2.0 systems.

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Digitizing patient admission process with portable and verifiable data

Simplify and shorten patients’ admissions process

Improve patient experience and satisfaction with shorter wait times

Remove mistakes in data entry

Reduce overhead administrative cost

Seamlessly transferring patients’ data securely between infrastructure

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More solutions should be created

In addition to digitizing the patient admission process, our solution can be extended to other touch points throughout the healthcare value chain such as telemedicine, radiology and insurance, offering authenticity and portability. Some specific examples include:

  • Issuance of invoices in verifiable credential format, which enables insurers to ensure the authenticity of bills when a patient submits their claims.

  • Digital prescriptions, which enable patients to fill their prescriptions at any partner pharmacy with the assurance that the prescription is legitimate.

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Access new patients' data from other hospitals through a secure and interoperable infrastructure

Achieve a trusted exchange for sensitive medical data

Unlock access to data without infringing on privacy rights

Trusted by governments, public and private institutions

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Our technology partners

Affinidi was started in 2020 by Temasek, a global investment company headquartered in Singapore. Affinidi aims to facilitate data sharing and enable data ownership. Our solutions empower trusted institutions to issue and verify data, and enable their users to share information easily with other organizations.  Affinidi has a strong track record of deliverying value to our customers. Our solution is used by many organizations, including a major government agency in Southeast Asia for international travel.

Our partner, Beep is on a mission to enable a seamless, secure & user-centric future for the Internet of Things. By creating a universal, modular platform bridging the physical and digital divide, Beep helps power smart, contextual & interoperable connectivity across physical touch-points whilst ensuring true customer privacy by leveraging on decentralized technology. It’s platform has helped power over 33 million transactions across thousands of touchpoints, with active clients in 5 countries across South-East Asia in the unattended retail, eMobility and healthcare industries.

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